Artistic development 101
strategies and techniques to develop your own creative voice

Next session begins September 10, 2017

Creating original work not based on or influenced by another quilters style is essential to the artist who wants to develop their own unique voice and build a cohesive body of work. But for many quilters, knowing how to begin or where to start is a roadblock that is difficult to overcome. In this workshop, individual growth and artistic discovery is the primary goal and it’s designed to give you the tools, motivation and confidence that you need to overcome those roadblocks.

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Artistic Development 12 week Intensive Workshop

This workshop runs from September 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017

This 12 week self paced artistic development workshop is for any artist who is seeking clarity, guidance or support with their studio practices and artistic development.   

Are you struggling to define or find your creative voice?  Are you overwhelmed with too many ideas, dabbling with lots of techniques and feeling a lack of focus?  Are you struggling with a lack of  confidence or a fear of knowing how to begin? Do you want to break free of the influence of other artists and start making original work?  Or maybe you need help with writing an artist statement, drafting proposals for magazine articles or publishers or guidance with marketing and the business of being an artist.  I’ve designed this workshop so that the focus is entirely on each individual artists needs.

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This year long self paced artistic development intensive workshop is for any artist who is seeking clarity, guidance or support with their studio practices and artistic development.  It is for the artist who seeks to push beyond the level of where they are currently working and immerse themselves in an in-depth study of their studio practices and art making.

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Artistic Development Master Study

The master class is a year long commitment.  This class has open enrollment so you can start anytime, but I will only work with 8 students at once.