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These workshops require a day minimum 2 day commitment

Modern Art Quilts: Design, Fuse & Quilt-As-You-Go

When you use fusing as your primary construction technique no shape or layout is off limits because there are no seams to worry about.  In this workshop we’ll explore the infinite possibilities of working with a singular shape and a limited color palette as the primary design elements for your modern art quilts.  You’ll deconstruct, distort and transform your shape using paper cutting and collage techniques, combine it with a limited color palette and an understanding of the principles of art and design and you’ll have the building blocks you need to create a dynamic modern art quilt that is sure to get a wow! reaction.  We’ll review and talk about your designs, develop a plan for creating and quilting them and then the actual construction process begins!

Between the lines: using line and space as the primary design elements to convey your visual message

Solid, curved, straight, horizontal, vertical, thick or thin: Line is probably the most fundamental of all the elements of design.  When you combine line with a minimal amount of texture and color it can create a powerful visual statement.  In this workshop you’ll use line as the primary design element in your quilt and learn how to take advantage of the space between the lines to convey your visual message.

Working from a photo or sketch as the inspiration for the quilt you will create in this class I will show you how to break the image down into primary visual elements, how to scale the images to full size and finally offer guidance, feedback and help with construction techniques as you create your quilt.

From sketch to series: using a series to develop a cohesive body of work and your own creative voice

Creating original work not based on or influenced by another quilters style is essential to the artist who wants to develop their own unique voice and build a cohesive body of work. But for many quilters, knowing how to begin or where to start is a roadblock that is difficult to overcome. Working in a series can help you develop and grow as an artist as well as be a catalyst for building that elusive cohesive body of work.  But how do you find and decide on a theme to work with?  In this workshop I’ll help you find a theme to work with and give you some tips and approaches to narrow your focus to make it more manageable and enjoyable to work with.  Learn how setting parameters can free your imagination and keep you from getting overwhelmed.  You’ll also learn strategies for critiquing  and evaluating each piece in your series before beginning the next one.

A few of the topics we’ll explore during this workshop:

Strategies for using a sketchbook and how valuable it can be to your artistic process

Inspiration: where to find it and how to use it

The value of working in a series with a theme

Working with Mistyfuse fusible web

An exploration of the elements of art and design and how to use them in your work

How to critique and evaluate your own work and how to use the results 

The goal of this workshop is to give students the guidance, confidence and freedom to begin a new series of work that is reflective of their own personal style using either fusing (my preferred method) or piecing all while building a solid foundation of strategies and techniques to draw on as they continue their artistic journey long after class has ended.

Paint it, Screen it, Stamp it, Foil it, Use it! - 1 or 2 day workshop

1 day class

Learn how to turn blank canvas fabric into a gorgeous embellished surface rich with imagery and texture.  You’ll experiment with several surface design techniques including screenprinting, stenciling and drawing with paint filled craft syringes.  You’ll create your own stamps and learn techniques for applying both textile and metal leaf foiling to the surface of your cloth.  By the end of the day you will have created several yards of one of kind fabrics to take home with you.

2 day class

On the first day of the workshop the focus is on creating your embellished fabric  along with some altered papers to use for the inside of the fabric journal we will make on day two.

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