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 Artist, Author & Architect of whimsical worlds created with fabric and thread …

‍Are you struggling to define or find your creative voice?  Are you overwhelmed with too many ideas, dabbling with lots of techniques and feeling a lack of focus?  Maybe you just need to kickstart the creative process but you’re not sure where or how to begin.  Or maybe you need help with writing an artist statement, drafting proposals for magazine articles or publishers or guidance with marketing and the business of being an artist. With my coaching option you can work with me a month at a time with no long term commitments to worry about.

‍Not sure if coaching is right for you?  Email me at and I will be happy to answer any questions or set up a free 30 minute no obligation call with you to talk specifically about your expectations and how I can help you achieve your creative goals.

$125.00 per session (discounts for purchasing more than one session at a time)

Each session includes a personal one hour video conference and unlimited email access for 30 days!

Please select the number of sessions you want to purchase:

* note that if you purchase 3 or 6 sessions you do not have to use them concurrently.  You can spread them over a one year period.

Things I can help you with

Help identifying your goals and direction.

Artistic development guidance (design critique, voice, studio practice etc)

Strategies, assistance and accountability for achieving your creative goals.

 Assistance with professional development categories such as writing artist statements, resume’s, 

   teaching & presentation skills.

Assistance, critique and feedback on website layout and content.

Access to all of my experience, knowledge and artistic development strategies.

Accountability, motivation, honesty, encouragement, advice, guidance and support.

What’s included

A personal one hour video conference meeting per month.

Unlimited email access and in most cases I will respond within an hour or two depending on the time.

My promise that you will always receive my undivided attention and honest feedback. 

How it works

After registration you will be asked to fill out the studio practice questionnaire that will help me understand your current practice as an artist and help you define and articulate your goals.  We’ll review them during our first video conference and then establish a timeline, action steps and roadmap to help you achieve them.  We will meet via video conference to review your progress.  Between video conference meetings, I’ll provide feedback, guidance and any assistance you need via email.

My coaching time with Sue was invaluable for my development as a professional artist. She helped me develop my business practices by giving me honest feedback about my website, helping me draft an artist statement, and suggesting ways to promote myself. She also guided me in finding my voice as an artist and inspired the confidence to create the art that was in my soul. My time with her was one of the best investments I made in my art practice and in myself. ~ Julie

Sue's coaching style was a perfect blend of structure and free form. She is a natural at teaching and understands how to guide a mentee through the learning process. Her approach is to use her experience as she teaches you how to start out, steps for pushing through and purposeful direction to help you accomplish your goals. Her effective communication and organizational skills combined with her level of professionalism were qualities and values I admired. Throughout the program we built a mutually respectful relationship and an underlying trust. 

I truly believe that Sue's most standout qualities as a mentor is her ability to provide valuable advice and reliable guidance that is clearly communicated empowering a mentee to achieve whatever goals or direction they want to go in as an artist.  ~ Heidi

My qualifications

Full time, award winning, published, established, successful working artist

National and international exhibition record

Author of several books and numerous articles published in some of todays most popular fiber art magazines

Willingness to share my knowledge, experiences and resources

Several years of successful mentoring experience

Ability to provide constructive feedback & critique 

Fully committed to helping you identify and achieve your creative goals

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