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storage ottoman make over

In preparation for our upcoming move to our new house I’ve started going through all my studio supplies to figure out what to save,what to toss and what to donate or sell.  One of the things in the throwaway pile was this storage ottoman/box:


It’s covered in this awful vinyl fabric and as you can see the top was all ripped up.  I was about to put it in the toss pile and then decided since the box itself was made pretty well it might be worth trying to salvage.  So I removed all the hardware,took it apart and then stripped the fabric and padding off the lid.  Once that was done I stapled a piece of muslin to the top and stuffed it with fiberfill to pad it:


Then I found a set of coordinating fat quarters in my stash and created a patchwork piece of fabric and covered the lid with it,stapling it to the underside of the lid to secure it:


To keep the inside edges nice and neat I hot glued some grograin ribbon around the raw edge of the fabric on the inside.  This covers all the staples too:


Then I created a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around the outer edge of the bottom of the ottoman by sewing strips of fabric together which I then stapled to the box along the inside edge and bottom edge and voila!



Much better!

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