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Usually around this time each year I start thinking about my goals for the upcoming new year.  One of my goals for 2013 was to continue working towards building a body of work and creating new work for exhibiting.  For the most part that’s exactly what I did although I did get off track a little bit by taking on a few additional projects and getting sidetracked by having shoulder surgery.  Since I am still unable to work in the studio because of the surgery I thought I’d do a blog post recapping some of the highlights from the last year and take a look at what 2014 has in store for me…

2013 started out with a bang with a trip to Cleveland to tape a couple episodes of Quilting Arts TV:


me on the set preparing for my segment

and while I was there I taped a DVD workshop with Interweave.


Then it was back to the studio to prepare for a trip to Salt Lake City where I taped an episode of Quilt It! The long arm quilt show at Handiquilter.


Once I was back in the studio I wrote a couple of articles for Quilting Arts Magazine.

mags  The October/November issue which is now available here as a hard copy or digital copy includes an article by me on working with Jacquard Color Magnet and the December/January issue has an article by me on working with EZ Screenprint.

 I also had an article in the International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene Magazine:


I also managed to create several new quilts and you can see those on my website here.   2013 was set to close with a huge bang when I signed on to write a book with Interweave press and I was hard at work on that when I found out that I had to have shoulder surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear and take care of some bone spurs in my shoulder.  The surgery has set me back quite a bit since I don’t have any use of my right arm and recovery is very slow.  I am hoping to be back in the studio in some capacity by the first of the year so I can get back to work on putting the finishing touches on my book.  That will be my first goal for 2014.  As far as my other goals for 2014…well I have a huge project on tap for the first quarter of 2014 and that’s going to be moving to our new house!

images.aspWe just bought a beautiful new home in a quaint little New England town on a street lined with conservation land and family farms.  Yes it means that I will be giving up my gorgeous studio but it also means that I get to build another one that will be even bigger (which will mean room to add a handquilter long arm!)  In the meantime I will work out of a temporary studio in the finished attic of the new house.   Just like I did with the first studio,I plan to document the entire building process here on my blog so you’ll get to see it being built as it goes up.

So 2014 will be a busy year and my only goals are to get my full range of motion back in my arm,get through the move,get set up in the temporary studio and squeeze in creating time whenever I can.

I wish you all a happy,healthy holiday season filled with love and laughter!

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