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making the world a better place…

Have you seen the campaign Lyric has started on her blog:

I’ve been reading the comments that people have been leaving and I love what’s happening.   In fact Sandy Snowden posted about it too.   What better way to celebrate the joys of the season than by participating in random acts of kindness,beauty and service?  I’m so inspired by what she’s started that I’d like to do a little pay it forward contribution myself.  So here’s what I’m going to do:

First,go visit Lyric’s blog and find out what this is all about (read her first post on 12/1 about it) and then come back here and leave me a comment about what you did to help make the world a better place this week.  And as my thank you to you I’m going to choose one comment at random on Saturday 12/10 and that person is going to choose anything they want from my etsy shop for me to gift wrap and package up to send as a gift to someone else!  And yes,I will ship it internationally for you so if you have an overseas friend that you want to send a gift to this year,then I’ll do it for you.   I’ll package it up nicely,include a note from you and ship it anywhere you want.

And that’s my way of paying it forward this week –now tell me about yours!

5 comments to making the world a better place…

  • Linda B in MI

    I started a quilt group at church and we have been making small quilts for kids in distress.. we give the quilts to the local police in the surrounding towns/townships.

  • duh…that’s NEXT.birdbrain

  • my sister-in-law is a pediatrics nurse at umass hospital. i knit baby blankets year-round and give them to her to deliver. keeps my fingers busy and babies warm!
    have to start a christmas colors one nest.

  • Sandy Jandik

    What a nice thing to do. Curves where I work out collects for those in need. This time it is personal products,so that’s what I gave to.

  • I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your Etsy idea and think I might just do the same thing!