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DVD review:Bead it Like You Mean It &a giveaway!

I have a love hate relationship with beading.  I love the way they look on a piece of fiber art but I hate putting them on because I am never sure if I’m doing it right.  Am I using the right needle and thread?  Am I using the right technique to sew them on or are they going to fall off as soon as someone touches the quilt?  So as much as I love the way beading looks I avoided it until now…

Visit Lyric’s website here to watch an excerpt from this DVD

Lyric Kinard has just released her new DVD Bead it Like You Mean it and I now know the answer to all my questions!   In this 90 minute DVD Lyric covers everything you need to know about adding beads to your fiber art.  The DVD opens with a review of the materials including types and sizes of beads,beading thread and needles and thimbles.   She also covers how to set up your workspace and tips for keeping your beads from rolling around on your work table.  She even gives you tips for how to travel with a beading project with a handy little travel beading kit so you can bead on the go.

In chapter 2 of the DVD Lyric demonstrates beading techniques beginning with working with seed beads and covers sewing on one at a time,creating straight and curved lines,turning corners and how to split a line of beads off into two different directions.  Chapter three is about working with bugles and chapter four covers chunky beads.   If you want to add some funky dimension to your quilts then you’ll love chapter five which is all about creating stacks of beads as well as scrumble beading.  Lyric shows you how to create cages for cabochon beads and she wraps up the dvd with a lesson on how to add beads to a finished quilt top.

The video quality of this DVD is top notch.  The sound level is clear,the lighting is nice and bright and the camera work is sharp and never out of focus.  The closeups are angled perfectly making it easy to see exactly what Lyric’s hands are doing as she sews on the beads.  Lyric has a comfortable easy going teaching style and makes you feel as if she’s sitting right there in the room with you and she moves at a pace that makes it easy to follow and understand exactly what she’s doing.  If you want to start adding beads to your fiber art then I definitely recommend you add this dvd to your library.   You can purchase the DVD directly from Lyric here.

Want to win a free copy of this DVD? All you have to do is tell me why you’d like to win a copy of “Bead it Like You Mean it”by leaving a comment on this post between now and Friday October 8,2012. I’ll pick a name randomly from the comments on Saturday October 9 –good luck!

48 comments to DVD review:Bead it Like You Mean It &a giveaway!

  • Martha

    I keep buying beads,and I now have a whole drawer of the pretty things that I’ve never even once used in a project. I need this DVD to get me going!

  • Mary R

    I would like to add beading to my calligraphy cards.

  • Catherine

    Looks like just what I need to add a new dimension to my quilts!

  • I want to win because I have this drawerful of beads and I can’t seem to make myself use them so the CD might be the answer for me!

  • Dee

    I attended one of Lyric’s classes and she did a demo on beading. I would love to learn more and use it in my art work. She is a terrific teacher.

  • Beads add so much bling to a quilt and I love adding them to see how others interput this concept is always good so a copy of the dvd would be nice.

  • Hi Sue…I’m enjoying your blog,and I’d love to win a copy of the Bead it Like You Mean It DVD. The reason? I make jewelry and I’ve always wanted to use beads and fabric together to create fabulous jewelry. I think this DVD could help me with the techniques to do that.
    Happy Fall…
    Linda L

  • Arlene Bauman

    I have been collecting beads–even harvesting them off of thrift store items–but have been afraid to jump in for fear of “not doing it right”. This DVD will help me get over that hurdle and into the race!

  • Dianne

    My beading is a real hit and miss affair. Never sure if I am doing it right and would love to know all the techniques. Would love to win the DVD because it is so much easier to see it being done than reading it in a book.

  • I looove beads. They are one of my favorite things to add to quilts and fiber art. And as a self-taught person,I’d love to read more about it and learn a few things I probably don’t know. Lyric’s artwork is impressive,and I’d love to watch her DVD.

  • Like you,every once in awhile I get the sudden urge to embellish with beads but suffer from the same worries ~ will it survive once I’m done? Would love to not only be inspired,but confident as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win this …

  • I’d love to win this Beading tutorial. Wow.

  • I too have been reluctant to use beads,mostly because I’ve thought they are too tiny for my eyes,hands and patience to handle. I’m sure Lyric would convince me otherwise! Thanks for the opportunity to win this DVD.

  • CarolC

    I love the look of beads on wallhangings and sometimes even put them on. Am I doing it right? Probably not. So having this book would be a great help and inspiration. Thanks for the chance.

  • Nancy L

    I would love to have a copy of Lyric’s dvd. Those beads look wonderful.

  • Susan Parker

    I have her book so I having the DVD would be a nice addition.
    Thank you for the chance to win the DVD.

  • Kristin M

    I understand about not wanting your beads to fall off as I have a small wallhanging in my bedroom that I beaded on. I took it down the other day to shake off the dust and some of the bead came off. This DVD would be a real help with beading correctly and on completed quilts! Thanks for the chance.

  • I have Lyric’s book and Sampler DVD,so it would be great to add this to my collection!

  • Janeene Kirsch

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this exciting dvd. I love beading,but have just been making it up as I go. Learning tried and true techniques would be great.

  • Diane Zoellmer

    I’m self-taught when it comes to beading. I could use some help! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • diane Huneger

    I love beads,I love quilts and fabric,I have tons of beads and tons of fabric…..this would be a win,win situation for me….

  • I am totally in love with beading,but avoided it for a long time because I had no idea how to do it. With this DVD,that whole world will be open to me,along with the confidence that I’m doing it right! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  • Nancy

    I need all the help I can get with my beading,so this would be fantastic!

  • I am enchanted by beads and fabrics and would love to marry the two together. This DVD would be awesome to teach me all I need to know. Please include me in this generous give. Happy beading…

  • Love the excerpt from the DVD. I haven’t beaded in years,so I’m sure I’d learn some new tricks if I were to win the book. Thanks for sharing!

    >>My post didn’t show up,so I hope I’m not overdoing it by posting again.:]

  • Wow. Loved the excerpt from the DVD. I haven’t done beading in years,but I’m sure I’d find some new ways to do it in this book. Thanks for sharing. ~Hobby

  • dotti cullen

    I have her book and her Interweave DVD…and they are classic Lyric…great resources. This beading DVD would just be a natural addition! I love adding creative surface design to my quilts…especially using beads!

  • Jeannie

    Like you,I have a love/hate relationship with beads. I love them on other people’s work,but when it comes time to put them on my own they like to run away and hide under the cat,under the cushion,on the floor,and seldom on the quilt. Once a dvd or book has the Bleiweiss seal of approval I know I must have it! You’ve never steered me wrong! Thanks for the opportunity,but I may just go order it from Lyric. xo

  • I need this DVD to teach me how to add beads to projects. I tried to bead on a paper project a few days ago but didn’t look good. I need help.

  • Marybeth

    The more I learn the more fun making art quilts will be!

  • susan

    Oh of course like everyone else,I would love to win and keeping my fingers crossed. I would LOVE to learn beading techniques to use on my fabric work. Thanks for the chance!

  • I am currently taking a course with Lyric at Quilt University and know she is a wonderful inspiring teacher. This would just add another dimension to my quilts that has been lacking. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful DVD.

  • donna adams

    I have always admired beading on others’quilts/work but have been afraid to try it myself. This would help so much to branch out and explore that beautiful world!

  • Cheryl Goyer

    I’ve watched other videos of Lyric and know she’s a great teacher. Also,I need all the help I can get when it comes to beading. 🙂

  • Oh I’d LOVE to win this DVD. I used to have an old beading techniques book and this would be something to watch over &over!!!

  • Any beadaholic would LOVE one! And I’m one of them! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sandy Jandik

    She’s a great teacher,so I’m sure the DVD is too. It would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s library.

  • I would love to feel more confident about beading. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE a chance to win this DVD!! I love Lyric’s gorgeous beadwork. THank you so much for the chance to win this!

  • Sharon Newby

    I so need to win this DVD because i have a collection of vintage beads that need to be utilized and i have retired from the army and i have the time to use them. Thanks for your consideration and for your amazing blog. 🙂

  • Margaret

    I have tons of beads and just need a kick start to using them in my art quilts! A jumping off point,where to begin,how to begin…Would love to win the DVD.

  • Deb

    I would love to win a copy of this wonderful DVD! I have broken away from traditional quilting (although I will always appreciate it) and am trying to expand my work to include embellishment,painting,dyeing,drawing,etc.,etc. This DVD would certainly give me a hand up in the learning process. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I bought this DVD a couple weeks ago directly from Lyric. It is indeed fabulous and packed with information. I agree with your review…this is a must have for anyone who wants to add beading to their skill set and glam up their artwork.

  • Sue

    I would like to win this DVD because Lyric has a lot of knowledge that I could use to enhance my art quilts with beads.

  • I really want to learn to bead,it adds so much texture &interest to your work

  • I love bead embroidery,and I’m a big fan of Lyric’s work. I use bead embroidery in my hand-crafted jewelry,so I’m always on the lookout for new techniques.

  • I would so love to win a copy of this DVD,as I am just stepping into the world of being more creative with fabric. I have a pretty vast selection of beads,and would love to learn how to embellish quilts and other pretty things with them. I’ve been blog hopping the whole way through,and have had a blast –thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • rebecca

    I am excited about the possibility of beading on my quilts the right way,too!!