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weaving wednesdays

I decided to move my weaving updates to Wednesdays since “weaving wednesday”sounds a bit more lyrical than “what’s on the loom fridays”.  I may not have an update every week but if there’s something on the loom I’ll be posting about it on Wednesdays and so ….

I decided to pull out my bin of fabrics that I will never use and put them to good use by weaving them into fabric that I will use.  I put a black cotton warp on the loom (5/2 cotton set at 6 epi) and what you see here is the first 12 or so inches that I’ve woven.

I’m using some cotton batik strips that came precut into 2 1/2″strips.   Weaving with batik fabric is nice because both sides of the fabric is saturated with color so there is no need to be concerned about the fabric twisting during the weaving process and having too much of the wrong side showing which can make the woven surface look dull.  I’ve got a bin full of silks that have now been torn up and are in the process of being woven into fabric too and I’ll have pictures of that fabric and all the others that I’m weaving for you on next Wednesday.

If you’ve got some fabric that you want to try weaving with but don’t have a loom check out this fun project of using a box to weave around here or this project that uses just a flat piece of cardboard.

10 comments to weaving wednesdays

  • So pretty …what a great way to use up fabrics and I like the advantage you’ve mentioned of using batiks. I look forward to seeing what you make from your woven batik fabric! Your mention of weaving on cardboard reminds me of my first weavings back at school,we made wooden frames and pounded in nails on two sides.

  • I have a table top loom that I found in a thrift,it is a nice one and wood,so a deal for 2 dollars,lol. I would like to try some mats with it. Do you fold the fabric like in braiding or use it straight through and it bunches like that?


    • Administrator

      Hi Debbie! I place the strip into the shed flat,close the shed and beat and let the fabric bunch naturally.

  • absolutely love the colors in this weaving. All jewel tones that just make me smile. Very beautiful.

  • Maria Neill

    I am interesting in how will you work the sides where the fabric ends?

    • Administrator

      Hi Maria! Since I know I will be cutting this fabric up and turning it into something I’m not worried about what the selvedges look like while I’m weaving it. They’ll end up getting cut off anyway which is why I’m not worried about them looking so messy now. Once it’s off the loom I’ll secure the ends with a zig zag stitch to make sure that it doesn’t unravel until I’m ready to work with it.

  • Of course I’m seeing placemats!

  • galleygirl

    Weaving Wednesdays,perfect. I can’t wait until my loom arrives so I can join you! Your idea for fabric usage is ideal. I have many scraps from other projects I could not bear to part with. This will be like revisiting my old projects and repurposing. Great idea!

  • Sandy Jandik

    It looks so bright and cheerful.