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has this ever happened to you?

you pull a fresh new piece of hand dyed fabric from the dryer and…

those nasty specs of undissolved dye on your fabric –UGH!  I hate it when that happens!  I’ve dyed a lot of fabric over the years and I’ve never managed to come up with a solution to get rid of those nasty specs.  I’m so careful when I mix my dyes,making sure that it’s all dissolved and mixed really well but I still get those icky specks.   Earlier this week as I was setting up to dye some fabric for a new project I had a light bulb moment…

I decided to try pouring the mixed dye through a coffee filter before adding it to the fabric.  It’s a bit messy and it slows the whole dyeing process down a bit but you know what?

I dyed 15 yards of fabric yesterday:

and not an icky speck on one of them!

8 comments to has this ever happened to you?

  • That’s a good tip,I try to remember next time I do some dyeing.

  • It’s funny –I always looks forward to those spots showing up in mine! lol I do find it only seems to happen when the dye has any magenta in it. The magenta colors must be more likely to “cake”or something. 🙂

    As for me,I will continue hoarding the pieces that come out with those flecks!

  • I’ll have to try this. Those little specks are annoying!

  • Summerset

    Yep,that has happened to me and on kits intended for sale! I always run the dye through a coffee filter. It is easy and inexpensive. You’re creative enough to dry out those filters and make something interesting with them,too.

  • Tracey Collier

    If you pass your dye solution through a double layer of an old stocking or tights you lose the speck and not much colour intensity.

  • I have the most problems with Grape and Fuchsia dyes. On the advice of Deb Levy I started mixing those with a higher concentrate of urea water (4 tablespoons/1 cup water) and that eliminated the spots. I tried filtering through coffee filters but it didn’t work out for me,I lost a lot of dye intensity. But maybe I was using the wrong type of filters. I’ll have to try again!

  • Great advice Sue! It’s worth those extra few minutes and it looks like it worked like a charm.

  • Sandy Jandik

    Yummy colors and no spot. That’s a good idea.