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Today’s the big reveal day for the Fiberactions challenge group.  The theme for this challenge was “communication”and here’s my quilt:

“Silent Communication”16″x20″thread sketched on hand painted silk

The silk was painted using Jacquard dye-na-flow paint.   Once it was dry and heat set I used Mistyfuse to fuse it to some batting to give it some stability and make it easier to thread paint on.  I used black Mistyfuse to fuse it to the batting and the color of the pigment in the black Mistyfuse shows through on the lighter painted areas of the silk:

I think it adds a nice surface detail and some nice dimensional detail to the silk.

The thread sketch image was done using a photo of me and my husband walking hand in hand.   I took a photo and traced the image onto some tracing paper and then used that as my stitching guide.

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