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no good title

How's that for a nondescript title?! I know I haven't posted in a while but I have been working on some things. I managed to get my Initiatives quilt finished but unfortunately I can't show you that yet –you'll have to wait for the big reveal day on 1/15/09 on the Fiberactions blog to see it. With that project out of the way I've been working on this new fabric collage quilt:


This is a pretty big one measuring about 36"x45". It's tough to get a photo of with it laying flat,I took this one standing over it. Not really the best angle for taking a photo. All the pieces have been stitched in place and I'm about to start adding some background stitching to it.  I've already started working on another one:


This one is just in the beginning stages and has a long way to go still…

Check out the very fabulous table runner that Vicki made using her red rose color palette and the first three blocks from the Two Creative Studios block of the month program. The directions for the table runner will be in the next newsletter so be sure to sign up if you're not already so you don't miss it!

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