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sniffle,sniffle,cough,cough &a book review

We're having quite the week here. I started with a cold and then developed pneumonia. Thanks to the miracle of antibiotics I am on the mend but it's a slow process.  Suffice it to say that there's not a lot going on in the studio this week so I thought I'd post a book review instead:


The Art of Stitching on Metal
By Ann Parr
ISBN 978-1844482252

If you want to find new and innovative ways to add metal to your work then you need this book. Ann Parr has taken the art of incorporating metal to fiber and mixed media pieces to a new level. She covers everything from types of metals,fabrics and finishes and wires and threads to heating,using corrosive substances and adding texture to metal. This is truly a must have reference book for working with metal. You’ll learn how to add color,foiling,embossing powder,glitter and webbing spray. Then work your way through the stitching section of this book and discover methods for adding straight and free motion stitches while you create projects like broaches,boxes and bookmarks.  Use decorative automatic machine stitches to create additional surface effects on an embroidered cuff and use woven strips of metal to create a quirky metal doll. Other projects include greeting cards,woven panels and beads. Directions are clearly written, easy to follow and have full color photo illustrations. It’s impossible not to be inspired by the beautifully photographed finished projects in this book. A must have for any mixed media,paper or fiber artist who wants to explore working with metal.

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