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Vases II

A couple of posts ago I posted a 12″x 12″quilt called “vases”and I mentioned that I thought I might like to do a much larger version.  Well…vases_full_web6vases II
54″x 27″
hand dyed cotton,machine quiltedSorry for the wonky photo –I’m still working on getting a photo shoot area set up in my new house.and a detail shot:vases_detail_web3

wonky house lane

I seem to be on a roll with working in 12″x 12″format.  It’s a large enough size to include a good amount of details but small enough that it comes together quickly.  This one was made with pieces from my scrap bins:

wonkyhouse1wonky house lane

12″x 12″;hand dyed cotton,machine quilted


If you’d like to purchase this piece for your collection use the button below.

$125.00 plus $10.00 US shipping (note for international shipping rates please email at



A few weeks ago I started a really big quilt measuring about 45″x 72″…


And then a few days ago I was doodling in my sketchbook…


I was thinking that it might be fun to do a version of my sketches that is really long –maybe something 16″x 72″.  But since I already started a large piece I decided to do a smaller version first:


12″x 12″

Hand dyed cotton,machine quilted


If you’d like to purchase this piece for your collection use the button below.

$125.00 plus $10.00 US shipping (note for international shipping rates please email at

Intentional Printing Blog Hop Release Tour!

To celebrate the release of Lynn’s new book I have the honor of kicking off a very exciting blog hop tour that includes a giveaway!

Intentional Printing - jacket artIntentional Printing

By Lynn Krawczyk

Interweave / F+W Media;$26.99

This new book by Lynn Krawczyk is destined to become a classic reference resource for anyone interested in surface design.  There is so much more to this book than just being a how to technique.  Lynn takes a full circle approach starting by showing the reader how to develop their own signature printing style by suggesting that they  take a good look at the colors,themes and processes that speak to them rather than just jumping in and hoping that serendipity will yield a positive result.  She then takes the lesson one step further by encouraging the reader to think about how the printed cloth will be used rather than just treating the printing process as creating cloth to be folded and stashed away.  This two part approach allows the reader to develop a more intentional way of working which in turn will lead to less reliance on serendipity and more confidence in their own printing skills.  The book covers a huge range of printing techniques ranging from color-wash printing,drawing and stamping to shadow,thermofax and decay printing.  Readers will also find a chapter dedicated to handstitching and one that explores two types of layered printing techniques.  The final chapter includes a range of unique and clever projects to create using your newly printed cloth.  I was so inspired by the Petite Stacked Collages project I dug through my stash of printed cloth and created a little stacked collage:

collage3The grape fabric is one I printed a while ago using a silk screen that I created from a sketch that I did on my Ipad.  I added some handstitching to my collage which is something that I never do (mostly because whenever I do any hand stitching I inevitably end up bleeding on the item I am stitching on) but I was so inspired by Lynn’s book I decided to go for it.  I didn’t want to just tuck the collage into a bin so I grabbed an 8″canvas that I had and wrapped it in another piece of printed fabric that I made:

collage2And fused my collage to the top of it:

collage5I couldn’t resist adding this little metal ladybug charm I found in my metal charms bin:


Okay to kick this blog hop off I’m going to give away a copy of Lynn’s book!   All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite way to print cloth is or tell me what way you’d really like to learn more about.  For additional chances to win post a link to this post on your own blog or facebook page and then either leave me an additional comment that you did it or send me an email at Sorry but only U.S. are eligible to win.

I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner on Tuesday April 8th.  Good luck!

The winner of the book chosen by random pick is:


who left the following comment: I love to stencil designs on small pieces of fabric and use in mixed media collages. I also like to use rubber or clear stamps/ink,especially words or alphabet and numbers stamps. What a great blog hop this is going to be,thank you artists for some much fun and a fantastic giveaway!

There’s a lot more stops,excitement and fun on the blog hop to make and here’s the complete lineup below.  Mark your calendars so you don’t miss anything!

Draw,stamp,screen print and more to create gorgeous art cloth with the help of surface design artist Lynn Krawczyk’s new book, Intentional Printing:Simple Techniques for Inspired Art Fabric (Interweave/F+W Media;$26.99.) Take part in our blog tour with stops along the way at:

· 4/1

·         Virginia 4/2

·         Twisted Sister 4/2

· 4/3

·         Lesley Riley 4/3

· 4/3

·         Bloom Bake Create 4/4

· 4/4

· 4/8

·         CraftyPod 4/8

·         My Clothes Line 4/9

· 4/9

· 4/11

·         Traci Bunkers 4/11

·         Smudged Textiles Studios 4/14

·         Sew Mama Sew 4/20

·         Lisa Date to be announced

Fabric Flowers

I decided to take a break from a new quilt that I’m working on to create some fabric flowers for the call that Pokey put out for them on her blog here.   She has a great fabric rose making tutorial on her blog but I can’t seem to find the box with the glues in it so I decided to try making some flowers another way.

I started out by grabbing some of the leftover scraps that I had left from Jamie Fingal’s new line of awesome fabric and fusing them wrong sides together so that I’d have a double sided print.  Then I cut out some shapes using my Sizzix Big Shot machine (using the tattered florals die) and my Accuquilt (using the funky flower die):

IMG_6531Then I grabbed a few of the shapes and stacked them up:

IMG_6533 IMG_6534

Sewed them together using a sturdy thread,added a button to the center and …


Visit Pokey’s blog here for a tutorial on making a fabric rose and to find out where to send your fabric flowers for the Community Garden at the Quilt!Knit!Stitch! event in this August in Portland.

my new studio

We moved into our new house this past weekend and it’s been a non stop frenzy of unpacking chaos!  I had moved a good portion of my kitchen ahead of time so I had a little bit of a head start which and I managed to get the rest of the house unpacked pretty quickly.   It’s just about all done although I’m sure I’ll be moving things around for the next few months.  I started unpacking the studio yesterday and I’ve made really good progress so here’s a little photo tour of what it looks like so far…

My studio is in the atttic which is a very spacious room.  The only drawback is that I don’t have a lot of windows to look out onto the property which is disappointing but I do get some really good natural light in here because of the skylights.  When you come up the stairs and look to the right you’ll see my main working area:


This side of the room measures a pretty generous 16′x 20′so I’ve got a good amount of space to work with.  You can see I have my ironing station and my sewing table all set up.  I will put up all my thread racks on either side of that window.


My Sweet 16 machine is still in the box and the table needs to be set up for that.  It’s really heavy so I have to wait for hubby to help with that. I’ve already hung up all of my long arm rulers behind where the sweet 16 will go and along the short wall in the photo I’ve hung up all my rotary cutting rulers.  I’ve ordered a  new cutting table which will be here later this week and that will go in that empty space.  My worktable from my other studio was too wide for them to bring up the stairs so it’s now located in the basement of the house where the workout studio is.

studio3 We’ve installed bookcases all along the left side of the room which you can see in the first photo and I’ve used two of them for most of my books.  I have more but I didn’t want to use up all the shelving for books so I’ve crammed as many and I can into two of them.  they still need to be sorted by category but at least they’re out of the boxes!

I’m using the other side of the room to the left when you come up the stairs as my office space.

studio4This side of the room still needs a little work but I did manage to get my two desks set up.  studio5

My main desk is where I sit and do computer work and the watch cabinet to the left is where I sit and draw or use watercolors.  I’ve filled the drawers in that cabinet with all my markers,pens,and watercolor supplies.  I love that cabinet!   To the left of that in the photo is my desk credenza.  That still has to be mounted to the wall and once that’s done I’ll be able to unpack the rest of my office supply boxes.  This side of the room is pretty spacious too measuring 16′x 12′.  I even have a nice spacious closet on this side to use as storage:

studio6There are only a couple of drawbacks to my new space –the wall color is yellow which I hate.  I really prefer to have white walls in my studio so I don’t have to worry about the wall color making the fabric colors appear differently.   And the floor has carpeting.   Since the floor has carpeting I won’t be working with any paints up here.   We have a room in the basement set aside that will become a separate dye/wet studio for me complete with it’s own dedicated washing machine so I won’t have to drag dyed fabric through the house to the laundry room to wash it out.   If I end up staying up here I will repaint the walls,  put in hardwood flooring and add a couple of dormer windows.  Right now the plan is to only have to be up here through the end of the year until we move my husbands wood-shop into the carriage house once construction on it has been completed.  Then we will convert the two car garage that’s attached to the house into a permanent studio for me.  We’ll see though,I may end up being very happy up here –it’s a bit like being in a studio tree house.  Right now I’m just happy to be unpacked,set up and ready to get busy making some new quilts!

Book reviews


6110LKp3AKLMarcia DeCoster Presents:Interviews with 30 Beaders on Inspiration &Technique

Series:Spotlight on Beading Series
Paperback:160 pages
Publisher:Lark Crafts (February 4,2014)
Product Dimensions:10.9 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches

It doesn’t matter what page you turn to in this book because each one has something inspiring and beautiful on it!

Inside this gorgeous book you’ll get to know  30 internationally known beading artists working in a wide range of styles.  The book is divided into sections by artist and includes a brief profile along with a casual question and answer interview that gives the reader a fascinating glimpse into their inspirations,techniques,influences,processes and motivations.  Each interview is accompanied by a photographic showcase of six to twelve pieces of the artists work that includes full views and detail shots.   All of the photography in this book is masterfully done on neutral backgrounds without any annoying props that distract the eye which allows the reader clearly see the details and textures of the jewelry.

Although I don’t want to detract from the interesting and engaging interviews,I just can’t say enough about the eye candy that grace the pages of this book.  Thanks to the excellent photography that allows you to see the colors,textures and shapes of the pieces even if you’re not a beader you’ll find inspiration in the pages of this book.

61hbU9hy4xL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Simple Soldered Jewelry &Accessories:40+ Creative Projects

Paperback:144 pages
Publisher:Lark Crafts (February 4,2014)
Product Dimensions:8.5 x 10 inches

Beginning with a comprehensive look at the essential tools and materials you’ll need to get started the author covers everything from setting up your workspace,tools,materials,safety and more.  The book then covers the techniques you’ll need to use to complete the the projects that follow including scoring and breaking the glass,copper foiling,soldering techniques,adding jump ring methods as well as finishing techniques that include sanding,applying patinas,adding color to soldered pieces using paint and ink and more. Techniques are illustrated with clear,well lit,detail photos of the processes.

Once you’ve read through the first part of the book you’ll be ready to jump in and start making the unique,creative and innovative projects that follow.  Start with the beautiful basic pieces of Chapter 3 which uses glass slides to create holiday ornaments topped with festive bows or ribbon loops or turns scraps of decorative paper into a beautiful brooch.  Chapter four has projects  using square and rectangle shapes that include a dichroic glass bracelet,a blue topaz necklace and earring set,an absolutely charming charm bracelet,a monagram choker and others.  Chapter 5 includes simple shaped glass projects such porcelain piece chokers,turquoise cabochon jewelry and jewelry pieces created using flat marbles.    Two of my favorite projects in the book are the bobby pins accented with decorative brads,metal buttons and cabochons in chapter 6 and the soldered “dancing” figurine project in chapter 7.  The last chapter of the book really takes soldering beyond jewelry making with projects such as picture frames,bookmarks,glass boxes and using soldering to decorate tin boxes and candle holders.

This 144 page softcover book will become a must have reference for anyone interested in using their soldering iron to create unique jewelry pieces,accessories and home decor items and is sure to inspire solderers of all experience levels.

packing and stitching

My studio is slowly being transformed into this:

box a big pile of packing boxes.  It’s a slow tedious process and one of the hardest parts of it all is coming across supplies I haven’t seen in a while and resisting the temptation to stop packing and do some art making.  Which is exactly what happened when I was packing up my supply of art papers.  I came across some Lokta paper and decided to take a break from packing to work on a piece for this months sketchbook challenge theme of sketching with collage


Lokta paper is one of my favorite papers for book making and I always have a lot of it on hand in several different colors.  Pop over to the sketchbook challenge blog here to read a little more about how I created the 3 little houses collage above.

storage ottoman make over

In preparation for our upcoming move to our new house I’ve started going through all my studio supplies to figure out what to save,what to toss and what to donate or sell.  One of the things in the throwaway pile was this storage ottoman/box:


It’s covered in this awful vinyl fabric and as you can see the top was all ripped up.  I was about to put it in the toss pile and then decided since the box itself was made pretty well it might be worth trying to salvage.  So I removed all the hardware,took it apart and then stripped the fabric and padding off the lid.  Once that was done I stapled a piece of muslin to the top and stuffed it with fiberfill to pad it:


Then I found a set of coordinating fat quarters in my stash and created a patchwork piece of fabric and covered the lid with it,stapling it to the underside of the lid to secure it:


To keep the inside edges nice and neat I hot glued some grograin ribbon around the raw edge of the fabric on the inside.  This covers all the staples too:


Then I created a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around the outer edge of the bottom of the ottoman by sewing strips of fabric together which I then stapled to the box along the inside edge and bottom edge and voila!



Much better!


Usually around this time each year I start thinking about my goals for the upcoming new year.  One of my goals for 2013 was to continue working towards building a body of work and creating new work for exhibiting.  For the most part that’s exactly what I did although I did get off track a little bit by taking on a few additional projects and getting sidetracked by having shoulder surgery.  Since I am still unable to work in the studio because of the surgery I thought I’d do a blog post recapping some of the highlights from the last year and take a look at what 2014 has in store for me…

2013 started out with a bang with a trip to Cleveland to tape a couple episodes of Quilting Arts TV:


me on the set preparing for my segment

and while I was there I taped a DVD workshop with Interweave.


Then it was back to the studio to prepare for a trip to Salt Lake City where I taped an episode of Quilt It! The long arm quilt show at Handiquilter.


Once I was back in the studio I wrote a couple of articles for Quilting Arts Magazine.

mags  The October/November issue which is now available here as a hard copy or digital copy includes an article by me on working with Jacquard Color Magnet and the December/January issue has an article by me on working with EZ Screenprint.

 I also had an article in the International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene Magazine:


I also managed to create several new quilts and you can see those on my website here.   2013 was set to close with a huge bang when I signed on to write a book with Interweave press and I was hard at work on that when I found out that I had to have shoulder surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear and take care of some bone spurs in my shoulder.  The surgery has set me back quite a bit since I don’t have any use of my right arm and recovery is very slow.  I am hoping to be back in the studio in some capacity by the first of the year so I can get back to work on putting the finishing touches on my book.  That will be my first goal for 2014.  As far as my other goals for 2014…well I have a huge project on tap for the first quarter of 2014 and that’s going to be moving to our new house!

images.aspWe just bought a beautiful new home in a quaint little New England town on a street lined with conservation land and family farms.  Yes it means that I will be giving up my gorgeous studio but it also means that I get to build another one that will be even bigger (which will mean room to add a handquilter long arm!)  In the meantime I will work out of a temporary studio in the finished attic of the new house.   Just like I did with the first studio,I plan to document the entire building process here on my blog so you’ll get to see it being built as it goes up.

So 2014 will be a busy year and my only goals are to get my full range of motion back in my arm,get through the move,get set up in the temporary studio and squeeze in creating time whenever I can.

I wish you all a happy,healthy holiday season filled with love and laughter!